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  • Local Raw Honey

    The sweet nectar of the gods! Raw honey is one of the most natural sweetners on earth made by bees this product is harvested in our Apairy on the eastern shore of MD, bottled raw and holds all the great benefits of local raw honey!

  • Bohemia Bee "Merch"

    Looking for that special gift for someone, or perhaps you want to show your support for the Bees by purchasing one of our exclusive merchandise 'MERCH'

  • Natural Beeswax Items

    The biproduct of harvesting honey from bee colonies is pure & natural beeswax. We take the wax and craft 100s of candles and other wax based items for your use. It has been said that burning a natural beeswax candle actually can help purify the air in your home.

  • Bees, Bees, Bees

    We graft and produce local eastern shore queens for your bee colonies from our strains of genetics in order to develop the highest quality queens with hygenic, hearty, and high honey producing colonies.

    We offer spring packages and nucs for anyone local to our apiary that are interested in obtaining bees to start colonies.

  • Wooden-ware

    We build our own wooden ware in house and take great pride in the craftmenship. Although we are not in full production we will be soon offering many wood hive componants in 2021.

  • Beekeeping Equipment

    We select the best quality products used by beekeepers and used by us, and provide this equipment to our community with our stamp of approval.

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